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Infiorata Flower Art Festivals Italy - Corpus Domini

Infiorata Flower Art Festivals Italy - Corpus Domini

Many Italian towns hold an infiorata, flower art festival, during May and June. Flower petals are used to create amazing works of art in the streets or in abbeys, a really beautiful sight. In some places, the infiorata is a simple flower-petal design in front of the church. At a more elaborate infiorata several different tapestries are created, each with a different picture, but often centered around a theme.

Through this festival, Spello's residents enjoy a resurgence of the communal values that were the core of survival in this silent, landlocked center of Italy. The groups become so absorbed in their joint effort, politics fall away and even squabbling over space or who does what is forgotten.

Until the 1960's, the Infiorate was just a folk festival, and the carpets were simple strips of color with a religious figure surrounded by geometric designs. But in recent years, abstract art has worked its way into the designs as the artisans have found inspiration in Kandinsky, Miro, Picasso, even Jackson Pollock.

Flower Art Festivals Italy

Flower Festivals Italy

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